June 21, 2022

Our Pop-Up Library is back!  Come to Hanover Highlands on Tuesday, June 21st from 12:30-2:00.  We’ll start inside with a read-aloud and activity.  Miss Little will read Rumble in the Jungle to primary students, and students will get to make a pipe cleaner snake. Mrs. Anderson will read Spy School to intermediate students, and students will get to read and write messages in secret codes. Then, it will be time to borrow books from Schaumburg Library’s Pop-Up Library.  Students do NOT need a library card to borrow books.  We’ll have magazines that students can choose to take, too.    Students can also say hello to Ms. Karpinski, Mrs. Novak, Miss Little, Mrs. Park, Mrs. Whittenhall, and Mrs. Anderson and their friends, too!  Students who come will get to choose from our summer prize box or a certificate to a restaurant.  In case of extremely high temperatures, we will stay inside the school for the entire time.