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Posted November 23rd, 2014 by evandesampel

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week!  Our students will only be here for two days next week (Monday and Tuesday) and then they will be off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  There are many things for us to be thankful for as a school.  We have a wonderful staff that works extremely hard to provide engaging instruction and to provide a fun and safe environment for our students.  The PTA at Hanover is continually working to support the learning at Hanover Highlands and to support families.   The students at Hanover come every day eager to learn something new. 


 The invitations and response sheets will be coming home today for the Holiday Gift Mart.  Please make sure that you hang onto the invitation as that is your ticket into the Gift Mart.  If you are planning on attending please send in the response sheet with the complete information. For the latest information and happenings going on at Hanover, please check out Hanover Highlands Spanish 11-21-14 as well as information regarding HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE [COLECTA_DE_COMIDA_PARA_LOS_DÍAS_DE_FIESTA_Spanish].

Student Absences

Posted November 23rd, 2014 by evandesampel

As the colder weather has arrived it reminds us that the flu season is here as well.  School attendance is extremely important, but we want to ensure that when students are here they are healthy.  If your child has a fever please do not send them to school, and remember that children must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicines.  If your child has vomited the night before or in the morning before school please keep your child home so they may rest and recover.  We miss our students when they are not in school but we also want to maintain a healthy school environment for everyone. 


Posted November 23rd, 2014 by evandesampel
Our students have completed the first tests for MAP, which is reading.  The next two weeks our students will take the math portion of the MAP tests.  The schedule for testing is listed below.  Students will be taking their math tests with their math teacher. 
Monday, November 24th
Haselton, Lefebvre
Tuesday, November 25th
Sutton, Argueta
Monday, December 1st
Christman, Munoz (a.m.), Tanaka, VanDeSampel (3rdGrade), Munoz (p.m.)
Tuesday, December 2nd
Strasser, VanDeSampel(5th Grade), Howard, Foley
Wednesday, December 3rd
Fitzpatrick, Wisser, Whittenhall, Melero, Little
Thursday, December 4th
McGuire, Levato, Anderson
Friday, December 5th
Michel, Russell, Esparza

What’s new in grades 1 and 2?

Posted November 18th, 2014 by evandesampel

For an update on what is happening in our first and second grade classrooms, check out the latest version of their newsletter! Thanks for keeping everyone updated team!


Posted November 14th, 2014 by evandesampel

You and your children may have noticed staff wearing some new Hanover shirts recently. If so and you’re interested in ordering, please feel free to download, print and submit your orders! Thanks


Spirit Wear

PTA News & Upcoming Dates of Importance!

Posted November 14th, 2014 by evandesampel

What is in the news? Let’s check out the most recent edition of the Hanover Highlands newsletter [in Spanish] … Also, if you have not already filled out your personal calendar, below are some dates of interest and importance for you and your families! Stay warm this weekend-


November 26th-29th-Thanksgiving Break

December 1st-Dual and Bilingual Parent Information Night @ 6:30

December 8th-Sphaghetti with Santa

December 9th-P.T.A. Meeting @ 5:00 p.m.

December 9th-11th-Holiday Store

December 17th-Holiday Fine Arts Night

December 22nd-January 2nd-Winter Break


Posted November 14th, 2014 by evandesampel

We will once again be fortunate to have the holiday gift mart that is sponsored by Mission Church.  This year the gift mart will take place on the 13th of December.  Invitations will be coming home next week with the youngest or only child.  There is also a response letter inside the invitation and we are asking parents to please respond and inform us if they will be attending the gift mart.   Parents must bring their invitation with them to the gift mart.    The gift mart this year will be at Fox School the address and more information will be on the invitation and response card that is going home next week.



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Next week we will begin taking our MAP tests.  The first test that all students in grades K-6 will participate in will be reading.  Students created goals with their teachers in the fall and will be able to compare their progress from fall to winter.  It is important that students get a good night sleep the night before, have a healthy breakfast in the morning.  Below is the MAP schedule for the week of the 17th of November.


Monday, November 17th Whittenhall, Christman, Wisser, Munoz (p.m.), Levato
Tuesday, November 18th Esparza, Haselton, Foley, Russell
Wednesday, November 19th Munoz (a.m.), Fitzpatrick, Tanaka
Thursday, November 20th McGuire, Michel, Sutton, Howard, Little
Friday, November 21st Lefebvre, Anderson


Books at the library

Posted November 13th, 2014 by evandesampel
Here we have a family is listening to a person reading a book.

Here we have a family is listening to a person reading a book.


Last night Hanover families got a chance to go to the library. One thing they were able to do was to sign up for a library card – FREE! After that they were able to pick out some books. One of the other activities that happened last night was they got to read their books and have the librarian read a book to them. Keep on checking out those books and reading each night! It was a fun night by all!

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Kindergarten News?

Posted November 12th, 2014 by evandesampel

What does happen with those who are newest to our building? Although they’re in school for 1/2 the day, those boys and girls in our kindergarten classrooms are quite the busy little people. Check out the November newsletter to see what is happening with our kindergartners over the next couple weeks.