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Our latest edition of the PTA newsletter [or Spanish Version]is attached within this email.  There is some informative information within this edition so please take a moment to read through the newsletter.  Our PTA is busy with many events to wrap up the school year and already looking ahead to next year.

Registration Forms
Registrations forms were recently sent home to all families.  It is very important that you read through your forms to ensure all of your information is current, including the numbers for your emergency contacts.  You will also need to ensure that an updated lease is on file.  In order to maintain your enrollment for the next school year families will need to provide an updated lease.

50th Celebration
Hanover is 50 years old!  The PTA will be hosting an open house on the 16th of May.  The PTA is planning a delightful event to showcase Hanover over the last 50 years.  The event will take place in the evening with light refreshments.  Many retired teachers, former students and families have already informed us that they will be attending.  It will be a wonderful night of celebration.

MAP Testing
MAP testing will take place April 21st-May 2nd.  Students in grades kindergarten through six will take tests both in reading and math.  Students set goals back in the Fall and we are looking forward to seeing our students not only meet their goals but exceed their goals.  We will be sending out a testing schedule for parents.  Please make sure your child has a good night sleep, and nutritious breakfast to help them do well on their MAP tests.

Take Your Child to Work Day
If you are taking your child to work on April 24th you will need to complete a form from the school. The forms will be available in the office on April 14th and must be turned in prior to the event, on the 21st .

Battle of The Books
Our Battle of The Books clubs have been busy reading this school year.  We are excited to announce that our 1st/2nd grade team took first place in our cluster area battle and they will be headed to our district competition.  Congratulations Jesus, Logan and Nate.  Our 3rd/4th grade team and our 5th/6th grade team will be heading to their cluster competition next week.  We are excited to see how our other teams do next week!

Upcoming Events

  • Gallery of Learning-May 6th.  This events will take place from 6:30-7:30.  Please come and see what your child has been learning through the year.
  • Half-Day-May 7th.  Students will be dismissed at 11:40 a.m.
  • 50th Open House Celebration-May 16th.  This event will take place in the evening 6:30-8:30.
  • Kindergarten Graduation-June 3rd.  This event will take place in the evening and the teachers will be sending information to families in the upcoming weeks
  • Rite Of Passage-June 4th. We will celebrate our 6th grade students transitioning to junior high on June4th.  The event will take place in the afternoon at 12:45.  Parents are welcome to attend but due to space limitations siblings will not be able to attend.
  • Field Day-June5th.  During the morning our students will participate in field day.  Our PTA will be providing lunch for our students.

1/2 B.O.B. Hanover Huskies are Hungry!

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Coach Lacke and her team of Hungry Huskies smiling from ear-to-ear after a thrilling victory!


The first and second grade team of readers went to in action this past Monday and took home first place in round one! After spending a great deal of time reading, quizzing each other, talking about books and practicing some more, this dedicated group of students answered every question but one correctly to guarantee their advancement in the district’s Battle of the Books Tournement. March madness may be over, but it appears a little bit of that madness may follow our Hungry Huskies into April! Good luck in the next round kids!

A sample of the texts that they dove into and a couple more smiles.

Rivera’s Rap…

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It has been a wonderful first week back!  The students were able to jump right into their routines and get back to learning.  This week our 4th grade students were introduced to our band program to consider for next year when they are in  5thgrade.  Forms were sent home for students that are interested in joining band next year.  Our yearbook committee has been working diligently this year to finish articles and photos for the yearbook.  This first week back from spring break has been a wonderful week!


Last Day of School

Since the last day of school will be a full day this year, all kindergarten and early childhood students will attend as well. The School Board approved the amended calendar last night so June 5th will be the last day of school this year.  During our last day we will have our field day, rain or shine!


Field Trips

Next week two of our grade levels be headed on field trips.  Our 3rd/4th grade classroom will be heading to the Elgin Symphony, while our 5th/6th grade students will be headed to the Field Museum.  Our 5th/6th grade students will be eating at the museum and will need to have a lunch packed for them.


Spring MAP Testing

The window for spring MAP testing will be April 21-May 9.   Once we have finalized our MAP testing schedule, we will send it out so you are aware of specific days your student(s) will be testing.


5Essentials Parent Survey:

As a reminder,  parents can log on to and can take a survey for each school where you have a child (early childhood through high school). However, the state does ask that only one parent per household take the survey. When searching for your school, remember to look up the full name (for example, look under H for Hanover Highlands Elementary). We would like as many of our parents to take this survey as possible. If we can assist you in any way, please let us know. Parents can take the survey anytime from now until April 25, 2014. We thank you in advance for your feedback.


MultiCultural Event

The District 54 Bilingual Parent Advisory Council, the Department of Language and Culture and the Schaumburg Park District will once again host A Garden of Diversity:  A Multicultural Event for District 54 families and community members. This event will be held at the Schaumburg Community Recreation Center on Saturday, April 5th, from 11:30 until 2:30 PM.  Please see the attached form for more information.


50th Anniversary T-Shirt

The PTA is selling 50th Anniversary t-shirts!  If families are interested in purchasing a 50th Anniversary t-shirt you may complete the attached form and send the form to school with your child.

Dear Mr. President…

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This year, the 5/6 Dual classrooms spent some time writing letters to President Barack Obama. In doing so, they delved into such topics as education, immigration and as well as wishing him happy birthday as he turns 50 [and trying to come to Hanover to help celebrate our 50th]. Knowing that he is quite a busy person, many of the students wrote the letters as a part of their normal schoolwork and left it at that….until today when a response was received. The kids were excited to see  and get a response from Washington, D.C. – so when you see your son and daughter – ask them what did the president have to say.


1/2 B.O.B

Posted April 1st, 2014 by evandesampel


Throughout the year, ten students from the first-second grade classrooms spent the year diving into ten different books. The club started out way back in September as the books were introduced and met weekly to think, discuss and quiz each other on the books that they’ve been reading. This week, the club narrowed down our Building Representatives by having an inner squad competition. Monday, Hanover Highlands team of eager readers, led by Mrs. Lacke, will be battling with six at a “cluster battle.” There are two cluster battle sites of twelve schools. The top six schools will go to district for the Big Battle! Let’s wish our readers good luck!


Hall of Art

Posted March 21st, 2014 by evandesampel

Taylor with her art

Taylor, Ali and Olivia had spent time throughout the year working on various art projects for Ms. Frischolz. Recently, their art was on display for the Prairie Arts Show. Although there were many students submitting their pieces, it was a difficult choice and these were our three winners!

Ali with his magnifecent art work


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CALLING ALL: Graduating Seniors who went to Hanover Highlands!!!

Posted March 14th, 2014 by evandesampel

A wonderful opportunity is being offered to you in order to assist in the cost of furthering your education. A Hanover Highlands Scholarship in the name of Ms. Beverly Waxman, a past Hanover Highlands classroom teacher was established and is available for you to apply. Please, take your time, be thoughtful and submit your applications no later than APRIL 15TH. Good luck!

Rivera’s Rap…

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What a difference a few days make with the weather!  The students have been great as they have adjusted to a week with unpredictable weather and their schedules being offset due to ISAT testing.  Our third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students are glad the tests are over and ready to get back into their regular daily schedule.  I am sure they are also hoping for some consistency with the weather as well.

The latest edition of the PTA Newsletter is fresh off the press for you to check out.  There is some very important information within the newsletter that I would like to bring to your attention.  The first item is the hot lunch form for April is due next week.  There is a form within the newsletter and you still have time to turn in your child’s form.  There is also the PTA summer scholarship application for parents to complete if they would like their child to participate in a summer camp activity.  The specifications in regards to receiving assistance are within this edition of the PTA newsletter.   There are several other documents with this edition that I encourage you to look through as you will find them very helpful.

Enjoy reading this edition of the PTA Newsletter and hopefully we will soon see warmer temperatures free from snow!



Querida Comunidad de Hanover Highlands,

¡Qué diferencia del clima de hace unos días! Los estudiantes se han portado maravillosamente
mientras se acostumbran a una semana de clima impredecible y sus diferentes horarios mientras toman
las pruebas de ISAT. Nuestros estudiantes de tercero, quinto y sexto grado están alegres que ya
terminaron sus pruebas y están listos para regresar a sus horarios regulares. Y pienso que también
anhelan por un clima predecible.

Adjunto encontrara la última edición del boletín del PTA . Hay una información muy importante
en el boletín que me gustaría mencionar. El primer dato es la forma para el almuerzo caliente del mes
de abril deben regresarla la próxima semana. Si necesita la forma está incluida en el boletín y todavía
tiene tiempo para regresarla. También encontrara la aplicación para la beca de la PTA, la puede
completar si sus hijos participan en un campamento de verano. Las especificaciones en cuanto a recibir
asistencia se encuentran dentro de esta edición del boletín del PTA. Hay varios otros temas en esta
edición cual encontrará muy útil.

Disfrute leyendo esta edición del boletín y pueda ser que pronto la temperaturas este más
cálida y libre de nieve!

Who is turning 50?

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Hanover Highlands, that’s who… Keep your eyes and ears open for more details coming. BUT, for now, mark your calendars: 

FRIDAY, MAY 16TH, 6:30 – 8:30


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Namleen and Janki [seen here] are waiting for this week’s winners!

Here at Hanover Highlands, students receive PBIS tickets for being caught doing something Responsible, Respectful and being Safe. Every Friday, the tickets get collected and turned in for the weekly drawing. On the following Monday’s classroom teachers announce the randomly drawn winners. These winners than get to go down and choose their prize. When they do, they meet Namleen and Janki who help run and organize the prize providing and maintaining. My name got drawn which is how I got the chance to work with Mr. V on the website! Some of the different choices for kids to pick are hot lunch, nachos, ice cream, Assembly Assistant, Helping the Principal, and working on the website among many other choices.

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