Holiday Specials Night

Posted November 23rd, 2015 by evandesampel

December 1st is around the corner, which means so is the Hanover Fine Arts Night ! Stop by and check it out – you will have a load of fun! We will be starting at 5:30 and going until 7:00 – hope to see you and your family there!


Posted November 22nd, 2015 by evandesampel

We will begin our winter MAP testing the week of November 30th.  Students in grades kinder through sixth grade will be taking a test in both reading and math.  In the fall our students took MAP tests and created goals based off of these assessments.  Teachers will conference with students and reflect on their progress in regards to their goals.  During January conferences we will share the results and your child’s progress towards their math and reading goals.  Below is the schedule for our winter MAP testing.  Please note that students in grades 3-6 will be taking their math test with their math teacher.

11/30/15-Monday Argueta, Haselton, Fitzpatrick, Dubinski Reading
12/01/15-Tuesday Little, Anderson, McGuire, Lahrman, Peisker Reading
12/02/15-Wednesday Tanaka, Wood, Sutton, Rojas, Larberg Reading
12/03/15-Thrusday Levato, Howard, Shike, Esparza, Fenton Reading
12/04/15-Friday Ordonez, Foley, Keller Reading
12/07/15-Monday Argueta, Haselton, Fitzpatrick, Dubinski, Larberg Math
12/08/15-Tuesday Little, Anderson, Levato, Howard, Fenton Math
12/09/15-Wednesday Ordonez, Keller, Foley, Tanaka, Wood, Esparza Math
12/10/15-Thursday Sutton, Shike, McGuire, Lahrman, Peisker, Rojas Math

Winter Weather and School Closings

Posted November 22nd, 2015 by evandesampel

In order to ensure that I have reached every family, I am going to continue to include announcements about the District 54 Severe Cold Weather Response Plan in my emails. While District 54 prefers to keep schools open, if the National Weather Service issues a wind chill warning (where the wind chill will be -30 degrees Fahrenheit or colder OR the actual air temperature is -15°F), schools will be closed. I also wanted to once again remind you that we are no longer legally allowed to call you on snow/cold days unless you have signed up to receive those calls (a new FCC regulation). If you have not signed up, please visit for instructions. You can read more about our response plan by visiting District 54 Cold Weather Response Plan.

Schaumburg Parent University – December Caroling

Posted November 22nd, 2015 by evandesampel

Schaumburg Parent University (SPU) is designed to involve more parents in the life of the school, to strengthen family relationships, and to improve parenting skills that will ultimately result in improved student success academically, socially and emotionally.

Join SPU in December as we present Fa La La La … Holiday Caroling for children in early childhood through eighth grade and their families. Meet at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 10 at Stevenson Elementary School, 1414 Armstrong Lane in Elk Grove Village, and then head into the neighborhood together to sing a variety of holiday carols. After all is said and sung, return to Stevenson School for hot chocolate and camaraderie. The evening will end at 7 p.m. If you are interested in attending this event or for more information about Schaumburg Parent University, visit our website at

Static Electricity in Howard’s Room

Posted November 22nd, 2015 by evandesampel
Science = Fun!

Science = Fun!


Fourth graders in Mrs. Howard’s fourth grade class recently conducted [literally] an activity that allowed them to explore the power of static electricity!


How does this work again?

How does this work again?

Hanover’s Newsletters

Posted November 17th, 2015 by evandesampel

Going forward after the winter break, PTA will be distributing newsletters electronically only. If you do not have a valid email address listed with the office, please feel fee to do so in order to continue receiving the Hanover Newsletters via the PTA. Otherwise, they will only be viewable through our webpage as well. That being said, the following our the most recent three editions of Hanover’s Newsletters:

Hanover’s Newsletter – October 9

Hanover’s Newsletter – October 23

Hanover’s Newsletter – November 6

Moving forward, please feel free to click on the Category to the left of our homepage titled, Hanover Highland’s Newsletter, in order to view any back issues.

First Grade Happenings…

Posted November 15th, 2015 by evandesampel

Another beautiful day in the books and another Monday right around the corner. If your child happens to be in the first grade classrooms, please check out their newsletter, First Grade Happenings November 16-20 to find out what’s going on this week in the classroom. Have a great week!

Wind Chill Warning and Advisory

Posted November 15th, 2015 by evandesampel

Wind Chill Warning

A wind chill warning indicates that life-threatening conditions and a risk to safety exist. Measures should be taken to safeguard life and property immediately. A wind chill warning is typically issued when the wind chill will be -30 degrees Fahrenheit or colder OR the actual air temperature is -15°F.

  • Classes will be cancelled.
  • Extracurricular activities will be suspended.
  • The announcement will be made by 6:30 a.m. at the latest. District 54 often waits until the morning to cancel school, because the weather in the Chicagoland area is constantly changing. We wait to make the decision with the hope that we can have children in school.
  • All notification systems will be leveraged to send school cancellation communications to families including emails, our websites, social media and – for parents who have signed up for it – phone calls and text messaging.
  • If you have not yet signed up to receive a phone call or a text message on a snow day, visit for instructions.

Wind Chill Advisory

  • A wind chill advisory is issued when conditions do not meet the wind chill warning criteria but still cause significant inconvenience. The weather during a wind chill advisory is not life-threatening but presents conditions that may result in inconveniences or pose moderate risk to safety. A wind chill advisory is typically issued when the wind chill is -20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.
  • Schools will be open. However, students will not be penalized should parents choose to keep their children home.
  • Extracurricular activities may be suspended if conditions persist. Updates will be posted on school websites and parents will receive an email if after-school activities are cancelled.
  • All field trips will be cancelled.
  • All outside activities will be suspended, including recess and outdoor physical education.

Winter Weather and School Closings

Posted November 15th, 2015 by evandesampel

In order to help parents better prepare for the severe cold weather and snow we often get during winters in our community, I am attaching a letter from Superintendent Andy DuRoss regarding District 54’s Severe Cold Weather Response Plan. District 54 makes every effort to keep our schools open. We want students in school learning. However circumstances beyond our control (such as extreme cold) sometimes dictate that we close. Our biggest concern in making a decision to close is whether we believe the more than 14,000 students we serve can get to school safely (whether they walk, take a bus or ride in a car). To help parents District 54 has now set specific standards for when school will be closed due to extreme cold.

Holiday Gift Mart

Posted November 15th, 2015 by evandesampel

We are excited that we will again be partnering with Mission Church to provide the Holiday Gift Mart for our families.  The event will take place on the 12th of December.  The gift mart will take place at Fox School.  Invitations will be going home with students on November 24th.   As in years past, there is only one invitation per family.  Parents must bring the invitation to the gift mart.  The following week letters will be sent home to families.  The letter will ask parents to respond if they plan on attending, we ask that parents to please send back the response if they are attending.  Although, our staff will be providing childcare at the gift mart we encourage parents to leave children at home.  Child care will not be provided for infants.