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Hanover Highlands Helping Out in the Community


thank you letter

Recently, the Hanover Highlands community put forth some effort and energy to spread and help those in need within our slightly larger community. In recognition of our efforts, let us share a thank you letter!

An Announcement from the Principal

Dear Hanover Highlands Families,

There are several movements underway to have students walk out of schools to force Congress to enact new gun control legislation.

While we applaud a child’s desire to make a difference and take a stand for what they believe in, we cannot let the students walk out of the schools on this day.

We agree that the safety of children should be a top priority for our nation. It is because of our commitment to student safety, that we cannot allow children to leave the school during the school day without adult supervision. Our staff members will be inside the building, supervising children, and will not participate in any of these walkouts.

We are asking for your support in communicating with your children, as I know we share the same goal of keeping our children safe.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for working with us to support our children.



Faith Rivera


Estimadas familias de Hanover Highlands School,

Hay varios movimientos en marcha para que los estudiantes salgan de las escuelas con el propósito de obligar al Congreso a promulgar nuevas leyes de control de armas.

Si bien aplaudimos el deseo de los niños en hacer la diferencia y defender lo que ellos creen, no podemos permitir que los estudiantes salgan de las escuelas en este día.

Estamos de acuerdo en que la seguridad de los niños debe ser una prioridad para nuestra nación. Es debido a nuestro compromiso con la seguridad de los estudiantes que no podemos permitir que los niños abandonen la escuela durante el día escolar sin la supervisión de un adulto. Los miembros de nuestro personal estarán dentro del edificio, supervisando a los niños, y no participarán en ninguna de estas manifestaciones.

Estamos pidiendo su apoyo en comunicarle esta decisión a sus hijos/as, ya que me consta que compartimos el mismo objetivo de mantener seguros a nuestros niños.

Como siempre, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo. Gracias por trabajar con nosotros para apoyar a nuestros niños.


Faith Rivera



Earth Day Shirt Due Date!

Don’t forget… For anyone interested in ordering the Earth Day is Every Day t-shirts, all orders are due tomorrow – FEBRUARY 21st!

Spanish Speech Contest is on the Horizon

MacArthur School is hosting a Spanish Language Speech Contest from 8:30 a.m. to noon on May 3, 2018, for students in third through eighth grade. Application, speech drafts written by applicant himself/herself, and video recordings no more than 3 minutes (one video recording per participant) must arrive at MacArthur School by April 3. The maximum length for speech drafts is 2 pages. The finalists will be notified via mail by April 26. Please contact Ms. Lucrecia Temoczuk at or (847) 357-6666 with any questions. If your child is interested in participating, please complete the Spanish Speech Contest Application.  If you are unable to print the electronic form, paper forms can be picked up in your school office.

All School Field Trip This Week

Our all school field trip is this coming Wednesday, the 21st.  We are excited to have the entire school enjoy Seussical the Musical together.   Please make sure that your child is at school on time.  Students will be leaving for the field trip after the teachers have taken attendance.  Our students will have their lunch later that day, due to our arrival back from the field trip.  Please make sure your child eats a great breakfast in the morning.

Work Heart, Play Heart T-Shirt Order Form

Jump Rope For Heart is coming up on February 22nd! As a part of this event, T-shirts are being sold for a donation of $10. Please complete and turn in ASAP Heart Tshirt Order Form .

Environmental Club Fundraising Adventures Continue

Our Environmental Clubs will be having a fundraiser on February 15th between 5:00 PM and 8:00PM.  The fundraiser will take place at Portillo’s located at 950 S. Barrington Road.  Families must bring in the Portillo Fundraiser Flyer or show the flyer on their smart phone for our school’s environmental club to receive credit for the purchase. 

This week, you may see a flyer in the mail advertising an Earth Day shirt that the Environmental Club is selling. For the cost of $8, you can order a Everyday is Earthday Shirt and hopefully be ready to wear it on Friday, April 20 [two days before the actual Earth Day – on April 22nd.] All shirt orders, as you’ll see, will be due back to the office, paid in full, by February 22nd in order to receive the shirts in time for Earth Day!

District 54 Multicultural Event 2018: Performance Information and Interest Form

Each year the Department of Language and Culture, along with the Schaumburg Park District, presents a Multicultural Event.  This event takes place at the Community Recreation Center and showcases the diversity represented by the students of District 54. 

Preparations are already under way for this year’s event, which will take place on Saturday, April 14. We look forward to seeing many of the cultures in District 54 represented and are looking for students, or groups of students, who would like to perform.

If your child is interested in performing, please visit the Department of Language and Culture homepage for details and complete the Performance Interest Form by February 9.  If you are unable to complete the electronic form, paper forms can be picked up in your school office.

Math Escape Room Evening At Hanover


Math Escape Room Night

We are excited to host a Math Escape Room Night for our families.  The event will take place on February 21st at 6:00.  Families will attempt to solve math problems to escape their room to move onto another room.  Try to beat the clock and escape all four rooms in less than an hour.  The event will begin promptly at 6:00.  Families that arrive after 6:00 will not be able to participate, as this is a timed event

School Arrival Reminder Announcement

Recently we have seen students arrive prior to morning supervision begins.  Morning supervision by school staff begins at 8:25 a.m.  We are asking that students not arrive prior to that without parent supervision.  We want to ensure the safety of all of our students.