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Believe it or Not – Mark Your Calendars

It may be too early to think about the beginning of the school year but we want to ensure you mark this event on your calendar.  We will host our Back to School Night on August 16th.  During this time, families may drop off school supplies, and hear from our teachers about curriculum, classroom procedures, and information about the upcoming school year.  You may attend one of two presentations.  One presentation begins at 5:30 and the other presentation begins at 6:15.  We ask that families attend the entire presentation.


Upcoming Events

July 12th- Pop-Up Library @12:30

July 26th- Pop-Up Library @12:30

August 16th-Back to School Night

August 17th-School Office Closed

August 20th-School Begins Grades 1st-6th Grade

August 27th-Kindergarten Begins

Hanover Highlands’ Office

Our school office will be closed during summer vacation.  The school office will reopen on August 3, 2018.  We want to make our community aware that on August 17th our school office will be closed to allow staff to attend a professional development workshop that will directly benefit our students.

Registration Information For You

Please make sure your child has completed the registration process for the upcoming school year.  In order to be placed on a class list, the registrations process must be complete.   All returning students will need to submit updated documentation.  If you need to submit updated registration or residency documentation, you are welcome to do so at summer registration.  Summer registration will take place at our district office from June 26th to July 26th.  Please click on this link if you have questions in regards to the documents needed for registration. 

Pop Up Library, At Hanover! Mark Your calendar…

Come to Hanover School on Thursday, June 14th for Pop-Up Library!  Come to Door 2 at 12:30 pm to come in for book activities.  Younger students will hear More-igami and make origami animals, and older students will do readers’ theater with Harry Potter and other stories.  After that, the Pop-Up Library van will be there until 2:00 pm for you to check out books.


Earn a pencil prize for your first visit to Pop-Up Library!  Come this time to see these teachers:  Mrs. Strasser, Mrs. Foley, Ms. Karpinski, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Masters, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Haselton, Mrs. Houston, and Mrs. Jaeger.

Happy Summer!

BMXer catching some air!    BMXer catching some air!    BMXer catching some air!

The students enjoyed a very sunny field day during their morning. Their afternoon was spent – in part – to a special treat. Professional BMX riders spent some time at Hanover catching some air while spreading the message of being a positive force in the world and creating friendships as those are truly what is valuable. 2017-2018 is in the books. Sixth graders, good luck in junior high next year – make Hanover proud!


BMXer catching some air!

6th Grade Field Trip

Sixth graders at Shedd.    Sixth graders at Shedd.

Thanks to PTA for providing some colorful shirts for the 6th grade group as they went off to their field trip to the Shedd Aquairum – it made our group easy to spot! That being said, the 6th graders had a great time down town, and had great weather for it.

Sixth graders at Shedd.

The Pop-Up Library is back!

We are excited that we will once again be able to host the Schaumburg Pop-Up Library.  Letters will go home next week with updated information on time changes and which teachers they can see at the Pop-Up Library.

Registration for the year 2018-2019

All families will need to prove residency for the 2018-2019 school year.  Parents that have access to the parent portal received notification through an email.  Parents that have not accessed the parent portals received letters through the mail.  Parents may update residency on the parent portal, and upload the necessary documents.  If you are unable to upload documents to prove residency you may bring in those documents to our school office.  Students will only be assigned to a class list if they have proven residency.

Ms. Borgetti’s Class turns into Monsters…

Students in Monster Club.

Students in Ms. Borgetti’s classroom may look a little different today after they read the story Monster Club. They came up with the name “the sick airplane club”… What a fun, creative time!

6th Graders – A New Tradition

A gift from you to Hanover.

The Sixth Grade class of 2018 decided this year to start a new tradition. In conjunction with PTA, they gifted something to Hanover Highlands that will be around for a long, long time. A tree. Today, along with some help from our friends at District, the tree was planted with each sixth grader adding a little soil to the top. Tomorrow and for years to come, these sixth graders will be able to come back and visit, and now…they’ve truly added something to the Hanover campus. Before the next school year, a plan is in place to add a plaque as a part of the gift. Thanks go out to the PTA, the District grounds crew who helped plant, Mr. Hector and Mr. Tony who will be helping nurture and hydrate the tree throughout the summer and our sixth graders. John Denver would love this idea!

A little soil, from each student.